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A mortgage is an important long-term investment that should be considered carefully.

Let WIB guide you in purchasing your first plot of land, your first house, to construct or renovate your home. 

  • What documents should I bring when applying for a mortgage loan to purchase land or existing house?
  • What documents should I bring when applying for a loan to construct, to expand or to renovate a house?
  • We will consider your project with attention.
  • Fun Miles with every approved mortgage.
  • Best rates, and better deals.
  • For more information, check our Mortgages Brochure.
Mortgage Loan Requirements:
  • Personal & Mortgage Loan Questionnaire (form to complete)
  • WIB Statement of Affairs( to be completed in full)
  • Picture ID or passport – (spouse also)
  • Statement of employment or Job Letter (spouse also) –mentioning Gross & Net Income
  • 2 salary slips- spouse also
  • Utility bill or a registration form from Census Office
  • Rental Contract with last 2 receipts (only for persons renting)
  • Your height, weight, doctor’s name and address, beneficiary, and list any sickness ( for Insurance purpose)- spouse also
  • Deed of Property
  • Building permit
  • Contractor’s estimate (with phases listed)
  • Appraisal report on property
    • Estimated land value
    • Estimated Market value
    • Estimated Auction Value of the property
    • Replacement Value for Insurance Purpose
    • Expected rental Income
    • Extract from the Kadaster (confirming ownership)
  • Appraisal reports maybe requested from any of the following  :

    - John Baker
    (+1-721-544-4688) Fax (+1-721-544-4689)

    - David Morrison
    (+1-721-542-2719) Fax (+1-721-542-4749)

    - ICE
    (+1-721-542-2421) Fax (+1-721-542-2597)

    - Knight Enterprise
    (+1-721-542-2475) Fax (+1-721-543-0045)

Apply for a mortgage!

You can also call us for more information: (+1 721) 546 2942